Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting lumber

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A refinishing job

I was recently given a refinishing job to do.An early 20th century desk ( signed: finished aug 4, 1924 on the bottom drawer partition)Really a lovely piece, which was damaged in a move to its new home.The finish, a shellac, was old, crackled and not in good shape.However, once a wash with mineral spirits and alcohol to remove the old wax buildup,Then a revitalizing alcohol paint and dry was made, the finish took on part of its original luster.The alcohol "painting" allowed the alcohol the ability to somewhat dissolve and reamalgamate the shellac in place,Removing some of the crackling.Thereafter, I gave it a light coat of blonde Shellac, then canuba wax to finish.Some of the drawers, I thought to be fake applied front, we're actually real drawers. Disuse, Time and wax buildup closed the seams of the drawer edges to appear an integral part of the frame. But alas after discovering this, then gently cutting and prying open the gaps, voila a drawer came out, albeit with difficulty. The original maker made the drawer so tight, time and humidity closed it rapidly I would guess. A few passes of the plane on the sides, a light coat of shellac for hardening and Waac on top, the drawer slid rather well into place.Unfortunately, the top had been so sunbleached in areas, this couldn't be repaired without a complete refinish of the top of the desk. Some stain, with wax was able to diminish the color difference, but not completely.Here is the piece finished: