Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another status on the butternut table

Too many things going on lately to keep the table moving.
Although in reality, planing that to was a labor. Good workout though!
Rethink a gym membership for a good jointer plane!

Here's how it looks with the first coat of varnish.
Not quite happy with the lighter color in the middle. I may tone than down a bit with some
Colored glaze.

Sometimes you really need a finish, and some suntanning light to get a real feel of how a piece will look. Does wood suntan? Sure! The uv light maker chemical changes and helps oxidize wood to usually a deeper color.. Ill have to make a post on that!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

if you use your imagination a little, this is the top of a dining room table. Butternut with breadboard ends. UNLESS I decide to go with a walnut frame for contrast. That's a yardstick in the middle.
I still may trim the sides to get ride of the sapwood.